A New Year!

Hello friends! :)

Phew!  What a whirlwind 2 weeks I've had.  Cheer camp @ Greatwolf Lodge.  Fun, fun!  My girls did AWESOME!  We got only Superior ribbons (blue & gold) and earned a Superior trophy out of over 30 teams and 450 participants!  We are a young team, and for them to do so well, makes me kind of like a proud mama. :)

Okay.  When I got back I had only ONE (yes, ONE!) week to get my room ready.  Our poor custodian was worked to the bone this year, and didn't have time to put everything back like he normally does.  So, I had my work cut out for me! Here are a few before pictures... EEEEK!

Yeah, that's totally my bathroom.  Full of new reading materials!  Anyone use Harcourt Storytown??


Sooo... I basically lived at the school last week.  Well, me and my WONDERFUL husband, that is. :)  He is SO awesome to help me, each and every summer.  He is my expert cleaner, and secret trasher.  I have a secret.  I am a bit of a hoarder! ;)  I tend to hold on to things if nothing but for that "Well, I MIGHT need it again one day!" feeling.  So, while I'm not looking, he chunks. It's a great system.

Anyway, I'm FINALLY done cleaning.  And, I've been working on my back to school paperwork!!  I <3 that stuff.  New folder labels, new desk tags, new cubby tags... ah, such fabuloso stuff!!!!!

So... here's a pic of my outside wall.  <3 it!  My sweet hubby hung those "vines." :)

I can't wait to post pics of my classroom.  I always feel so proud once I'm done.  Is that just me?  Or does anyone else feel that way?

Okay, here's a free printable for today.  A quick transportation form.  It is SO important to make sure you know exactly how all your babies will get home.  And it helps that they're cute! :)  Just click on the picture to download!

And... here's just a little something I made this afternoon.  I always make the kids desk tags each month with some cute little clip-art that matches our theme.  But, I never have at the beginning of the year.  I decided to give it a try.  Here's what I came up with!  Download if you like it! (And, leave me a comment, pretty pretty please!)

Clicky on the picture! 

Another looooong post!  Hopefully I'll be more regular now that I'm back in the swing of school - and they won't be so long.  More to come tomorrow...  Meetings all day. I'll be thinking of all y'all lying on the beach or in a pool somewhere.  Tan a little for me please! :)

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  1. If y'all are using Storytown look up elderweb.com IT IS Storytown.