My First Post!!

I'm so super excited to join the blogging world!  I have wanted to have my OWN kindergarten blog for the longest time... and now I do!!! :)  I can't wait to post all the fun things I have planned for my kinder kids this year - and all the fun things I'm doing in my own life too!

Once I get back home (I'm on "vacation" at my parent's now!), and can get in my classroom... I'll be posting lots of new printables for back to school! :)  I <3 printables!!!!!

I love reading teaching blogs, and I hope that y'all love reading mine too!

,,, did I mention how excited I am to have my own blog?!?!?!  <3!

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  1. Hi Kindergarten Katy, came across your blog from one of your comments your made on another blog. I too just started my blog and had to join yours (us fellow new bloggers have to stick together). Blog looks great, looking forward to all of your posts. Here is my blog if you want to visit!