lazy, lazy summer

Okay, so I know what you are thinking.  Look lady, you just started this "teaching" blog, and now you're posting about other stuff?!?  what the crap.

Well... it is summer vacation isn't it?  And I admit, I haven't been as school focused this summer as I usually am.  Maybe it's because I taught summer school for 19 long, miserable days?  I don't know.  NEVER AGAIN!!  lol.  That was 12 kinds of torture.  And... it made me not even want to think about my own classroom or my own babies in that wonderful school so far, far away. ;)

So... this leads me to my post.  I (well, me and my super helpful husband) made this precious, adorable wreath for a friend of a friend who is having a baby.  I'm thinking about maybe making one for my classroom.

Thoughts?  I want to hear it.  The good, bad and ugly.  Is it even cute? lol.

Annnnd..... while here at my parents casa in the valley of the sun, we made a flying trip to California to pick up a race car (long story, lol).  And, I got to see some ELEPHANT SEALS!!!!!  Yes, they were precious, and stinky.  I <3 them.

We also got to stick our feet in the lovely PACIFIC OCEAN!  And, yes, I know that doesn't seem all that fascinating, but... to a Louisiana girl who only ever sees the gulf, it was great!

Nothing at all like the beaches in AL or FL.  We had to go rock climbing to get to the sand. lol.  Anyway, it was still pretty.

Okay, I'm off to make my list for Lakeshore.  Mom & Dad gave me a gift card for Christmas and I have yet to spend it.  I'm totally going shopping today.

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  1. Katy!! LOVE your blog! I teach 4th grade math, and it definitely makes me miss the cutesy stuff that you lower-grade teachers can do! I introduced my sister, Katie, to it, though (she teaches 1st grade) and she is just thrilled!!

    Oh, and the wreath is ADORABLE!!! I think I might try to make one for my classroom with our school colors. Planning on doing a tutorial any time soon?? ;)