Sweet Little Valentines

Well, long time, no see blogger friends. We've been super busy in kindergarten.  Does anyone else feel like this year has FLOWN by... I feel like this year I haven't slowed down even a second to catch my breath.  So, while finishing up my little kiddos Valentine's (heart swirl crayons.. oooh, ahhhh!), I thought I'd pop by and share some photos of Valentine activities we did last week.

First, I'm kind of like a broken record during Valentine's.  I tend to stick to what I've done every year, super boring I know. :)  My absolute FAVORITE activity from Valentine's (and, honestly, one of my favorite activities of the whole year!) is our Handmade Valentine cards.

The kids write their Valentine message during writing workshop. (I love _________ because ____________________.)  I provide the sentence scaffolding and they stretch out and write away!  It's always quality entertainment to see who they love and why they love them.

The next day, I invite the kids one at a time to type their Valentine message with me on my computer.  This is kind of time consuming, but THEY love it, and they end up having so much more ownership over the words because THEY typed them.

During the last day of this project I give them a variety of cutesy materials and just let them go to town.  They LOVE decorating the Valentine's.... some of them actually get into it and decorate them with things the recipient might like.

This year I took these Valentine's and hung them on a bulletin board.  They'll get to take them home on Valentine's Day after the party.

Hope you like it - If you want a copy of the writing page, let me know and aI can send it over to you.

Off to go finish melting crayons... and making goody bag tags... and boxing up the cheerleading Valentine fundraiser.  Does it ever end??!?!?! :)   Have a sweet day with your babies tomorrow!!!!

Aren't these stained glass hearts just precious?!?!
Love y'all!!!!