Busy me = Stuff for you!

Good Sunday Afternoon!  I'm totally avoiding cleaning my house and packing for cheerleading camp.  So... I thought I'd post my new job chart cards. I have totally been avoiding school work this summer, for the the first summer ever. I don't know what's gotten into me!  Anyway, I've got cheer camp next week with my cheerleaders (did I mention I'm the Varsity cheerleading sponsor too? lol), and then only ONE week to get my room ready!  Eeeeek!  So, expect lots of back to school printables and forms in the coming 3 weeks!

To get this going, I'm sharing my job chart cards.  I absolutely LOVE the way I do my jobs.  I've tried practically every way known to man, and finally found one that works for me and my class.

I like to use a pocket chart to organize my job chart.  I'm all about making everything a teachable moment, so I've got my job chart in with my line up chart.  I have the kids line up using ordinal numbers.  My chart is at school, so no picture! :(  But... I'll try to explain it the best I can!

So... I have the kids names on cards, and every Monday I just rotate up.  The "leader" (fantastic first) becomes the "caboose"(lucky last).  The job cards stay next to the ordinal numbers.  It's kind of cool that by Thanksgiving they're noticing that the calendar helper is always 3rd, or the class librarian is always 12th, etc.  

I have found this to be totally easy to do as a teacher (I only have to mess with it once a week!), as well as beneficial for my students.  I think seeing the ordinal numbers every day and having to use them multiple times each day really helps with their understanding of this tricky concept. It also helps avoid all those lining up tiffs my kinder kids always seemed to get into.  This way, they know their spot, and I can control who they stand by. ;)

If you would like a copy of my job chart cards you can get them HEREHERE, and HERE.  Sorry!  I'm still learning how to convert to .pdf... I didn't realize I could put all three pages together!  I do now though. ;)

I hope you can use these in your room!  I'm off to (ugh!) pack & clean for cheerleading camp.  Maybe I can find time to sneak away from 15 teenage girls to blog while I'm gone!  I'm so ready to be back and in my classroom!!!  


  1. I love you chart Katy! I was so excited, I started thinking I could do that in my classroom...and realized that my high schoolers would probably not go for that :)

  2. I never thought of using the jobs to teach ordinal numbers, makes complete sense! Thank you and welcome, fellow newbie! :)

    The Kinder Kid

  3. You have such a cute blog!!! I teach Kindergarten in South Carolina! :) Looking forward to following!