Sweet Summertime!

Summer is here, and in full swing!!!  I have been quite the busy lady these last few months.  Aside from teaching, my husband and I opened a flower & gift store here in our small town.  It has proved to be extremely fun, but also a great deal of work.

Our little store - Famous Flowers & Gifts. :)  It really is little, lol.  This building is actually 2 buildings.

I am so happy to have the summer to blog stalk, work in my classroom, and rest!  Isn't it nice to not have to be somewhere everyday at a certain time?  I'm lovin' it!!!

Anyway, I have decided to revamp my classroom this year.  I have done the jungle theme for 5 years now, and I am beyond ready for a change.  This past year has been so difficult for me, both professionally and personally.  In February I lost my partner teacher.  She decided that she was burnt out, and ultimately she resigned.  Talk about difficult!  There are only 2 of us in kindergarten at my school, and she was my partner in crime!  The rest of the year was very diffficult without her.  But.... I have an awesome new partner in crime, so hopefully this coming year will be nothing but sunshine!!! :)  Our new kindergarten teacher does jungle in her room, so I thought, since I'm sick of looking at giraffe print everywhere, it is time for a change!!!

I on the prowl for any beach themed materials!!!  I'll be doing my room in beach this year - surf, fun & fun!  Look for materials for the classroom coming this summer - I'm working on revamping my behavior clip chart right now. :)

I'm loving all the ideas I'm getting from pinterest for my classroom!

Super cute beach reading hut from KinderKlassroom

Love the hula skirt border from Clutter Free Classroom

Also.... can't wait to make one of these!!!

I hope everyone had a great end to their year, and that you are enjoying an extremely restful summer!  Is it bad that I already have a countdown going on in my head - I only have 6 more weeks of not having to be anywhere. lol.  Better get moving!!!  Have a great weekend friends!

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