Welcome to 2012!

Wow... what a busy and blessed Christmas break I had!  Teachers go back to work tomorrow, and my lovely little kiddies come back Thursday (hopefully, rested and ready to go!).  I am so excited to see them again (it feels like FOREVER!) but... I'm really going to miss lounging in my PJ's, shopping till I drop, and watching afternoon talk shows.  I just love me some Doctors.  Very informative stuff.. and Dr. Travis is super yummy. :)

Anyyyyyway.... I'm kind of bummed to say that when we get back we don't get to learn about winter, or penguins, or polar bears, or mittens.... what do we get to study you ask? SPACE.  Ug.  Anyone have any great ideas for that???  Our curriculum only has about 1 standard that covers objects in the sky, so I'm a little confused why the district says we have to study that... :/.  Help = appreciated.

Oh! I almost forgot!  I tend to do that often... I think it's called "I'm 27 but have the mind of 97."  I made some cutie patootie calendar cards for y'all!  Our school uses Everyday Counts Calendar, but I find the pieces to be BORING and totally UNFUN.  Soooo.... I made my own. I know, I'm a total rule breaker!  But, at least I try to stick with the pattern for the month & just spice it up a little.  Click on the image to download and enjoy! :)

Well, I'm off to go work in my classroom... we get a work day tomorrow, but I guess that's just not enough for me!  Plus, I'm totally avoiding this ever growing pile of laundry and dishes.... I AM ON VACATION! lol (Well, for a few more hours anyway...)  Have a great day y'all! 

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  1. Cute calendar numbers!
    And I think Cara at the First Grade Parade has a moon unit . . . maybe space, too???
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher