Teacher Talk Tuesday

Hey y'all!  Day 7 - done! :)

Today is Teacher Talk Tuesday over at Blog Hoppin'!  So, I'm supposed to give my *advice* for new teachers... HA!  I've got some mistakes I've learned from, but I am (in my small 6th year wisdom) FAAAARRRR from the *advice* giver! :)

Okay, here's 3 key mistakes I've learned from!

1. Stand your ground!!  Even though you are a new teacher, and most likely young - you have good ideas and you are a valuable asset to your school!  Let your ideas be heard & don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it, or that your kids will never be able to do what you think they can.  Try it!  If it fails miserably, you'll know better next year... lol  ;)

2. Communicate with Parents!! Do your best to let parents know EVERYthing that happens at school - newsletter, website, whatever - just let them in!  Parents want to feel like they are a part of their child's education, so make sure they get that feeling from you!  Happy notes work WONDERS, and you can NEVER communicate too much! ;)

3. Take time for yourself.  <ahem, Katy take your own *advice*!!>  Do not spend every waking moment at the school or working on school stuff.  You will never get it ALL done, so don't try.  You'll just stress yourself out and have anxiety problems. lol.  Do things that make you happy!  When you are happy, your little babies will be happy too!!!

Okay, biggest slice of my advice pie.... LOVE YOUR BABIES!!!!!  You only have them for 1 year, and then its gone.  Cherish your time together because come next August, you'll wish you had them again!!!!!

Have a great night everyone!!!! :)

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  1. Great advice. I especially love your #3. I have been teaching over 20 years and know that it is so easy to work on school things 24/7, but you have got to put your family first.