Meet the Teacher Monday

WOOO!  I think I'm out of this blogging slump! :)  School started for us on August 1st... ICK.  Kids started staggering in on August 10th, and we finally got all of them on the 17th.  Today was a great day - they are learning our routines so quickly.  I'm a proud mama! ;)

So, anyway... to start off my return to blogging... I've decided to link up to Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week... cause, well, who doesn't love a celebration of teaching!?!?!  And... today is Meet the Teacher Monday!  I think this is perfect since I've really just started blogging..

Okay.  Me - I 've been teaching for going on 6 years now (man, it feels like just yesterday I was starting my very first 1st day!) - all in kindergarten!  5 of the 6 years have been in full day kindergarten, with one year being Title 1 Kindergarten Enrichment for 1/2 day students.  I absolutely LOVE teaching K.  It really is the best grade- a nice bridge from early childhood to the elementary grades.

I am married to my BEST friend, Daniel.  We have been married for just over a year, and we have 3 precious animal children - Abbie Grace, our yorkie; Tate, our old grey cat; and our new baby Molly Sue, a dog we are not sure of the breed, that we rescued from under the train tracks.

Abbie and Tate... long time enemies... now best friends! :)

What am I most looking forward to this year?
Well, teaching my new babies of course!  I'm excited about a new beginning and a chance to "do it right" this time... I feel that way every year it seems.  There's always things I want to do, but can't ever manage to get around to doing. And I feel that the new school year helps me to believe I can!
I'm also really excited about trying out all the new tips and activities I've learned from my blogging "friends" this summer.  Even though I'm a newbie, I've taken note of just about everything!!! :)

What do I need to improve?
TIME MANAGEMENT!! I think after 6 years, I've finally gotten the time management down in the classroom.. well, as down as it can be with 20 little 5 year olds!  But, I ALWAYS end up doing things I shouldn't (er, talking...) after school and have to stay 40 forevers.  Or, bring work home. ICK.  That cuts in to my blogging and pet bonding time. No fun.  So, this year, I REALLY want to work to write lesson plans throughout the week, not just on Sunday afternoons.  I want to prep materials throughout the week, not just on Sunday afternoon.  And I want Sunday's to get to be a relaxing start to the week, not a stress fest. 

I also want to improve on my math group time.  I'll be rearranging math time this year to have it mimmic reading time a little better, and I'm anxious and excited about how it will turn out!

What teaching supplies can I NOT live without?

MY MACBOOK PRO!!!!!  I know it's not a teaching "supply"... but it is my lifeline to my blogging network! :)


1. Dr. Pepper: It must run through my blood at all times. lol.
2. BLACK sharpies. Forget the colored kind.  They're alright... but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a black sharpie!
3. Mavalus Tape! It really is a miracle tape.
4. Chlorox wipes.  I think I use a container a week. Ew - my classroom is germy!
5. My white rocking chair.  It makes me FEEL like a kindergarten teacher.  I <3 reading books from my chair and having my kinder kids crawl up in my lap in my chair when they need a hug or a little love.  And I love that it makes my room feel like a home. 

Okay, that's it for now!  Off to finish importing benchmark testing data for our TAP cluster meeting tomorrow!!!! I've got TONS of printables I've made for the first week of school - just trying to organize them into a unit maybe?  Hopefully I'll have it ready for this weekend! :)

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